Job Portal Website – SageInnovate

Project Info

  • Created By PiusJoe Ankpa
  • Client SageInnovate Nigeria
  • Date August, 2023
  • Features
    • Job Listings
    • Direct Application
    • Applicants Features
    • Employer Features
    • SEO
    • Course Feature

Project Description

SageInnovate is an innovative website that offers a comprehensive suite of career services, including job postings, CV reviews, cover letter writing, and job skills training. With a focus on quality and efficiency, SageInnovate is designed to help job seekers find the right career opportunities and make the best impression on potential employers.

Applicants can create career profile, generate their CV, subscribe to CV review service, search for job based on career path, industry and location, apply directly for job opening, check their application status, and interact with employers.

In addition, SageInnovate helps employers fast-track their hiring process offering them access to CV database, job posting/advertising, application tracking system, applicant matching and shortlisting, as well as recruitment analytics and insights.

PiusJoe Ankpa implemented these solutions for SageInnovate with an intuitive design.

Job Portal Web Design SageInnovate PiusJoe Ankpa
Applicant Dashboard of Job Portal Web Design for SageInnovate PiusJoe Ankpa
Employer Dashboard of Job Portal Web Design for SageInnovate PiusJoe Ankpa