Web Development Fundamentals: What You Need to Know Before You Code

Welcome to come Web Development Fundamentals: What You Need to Know Before You Code. I create dis course for people wey get interest for web design, development, programming or coding. If you get website or blog, and you wan know wetin dey happen for the background so you fit do and manage things well, this course na for you too. E fit bi say you sabi no-code web design with Content Management Systems and Site Builders like WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Dreamweaver, etc.; abi e fit bi say you don sabi small HTML and CSS wey you fit create static website, but you no sabi the teknikal side of domain and hosting. You don land for the correct place.

Plenty web development programs abi courses dey focus only for di actual skills wey concern to dey create website. For example, if you join one no-code web design class, dem go show you how to install and customize templates. If you join web programming class, dem go just focus on and teach you how to write code. To fit write code and create websites, na one thing. But to fit deploy am na another thing.

Di numba 1 thing I wan do for dis course na to show you wetin you need sabi before you begin code or join one no-code web design class. Number 2, I hope say I go fit show you wetin you need sabi so you go fit deploy and manage websites and web applications.

Even say e teach theory concept, dis "Web Development Fundamentals" na practical course too. You go need your computer make you follow as we go dey go.

Wetin You Go Learn

By the time wey dis course finish, people wey attend di class go fit do di things wey I mention for down here:

  • Tell di meaning plus di diffrens inside Computer Network, di Internet plus di Web.
  • Chook mouth explain how the web dey work for background.
  • Talk wetin Network Protocols mean, call di names plus give explanate ontop internet & web protocols.
  • Yarn about di stages wey message dey pass as e dey waka from one place go another for di web.
  • Talk di tory of how di web don take grow and change from start till now.
  • Explanate wetin Hosting, Web Servers plus domain name dem mean.
  • Talk di name of like 5 registrar abi hosting companies both for naija and yanki.
  • Yarn ontop di things person suppos think about before im pick registrar abi hosting company.
  • Chook mouth ontop di many many Top-Level Domains (TLDs) plus di many many way person fit to host him website or software.
  • Buy di correct domains plus hosting for any kind website or software.
  • Talk wetin web servers mean, talk di names plus di diffrens inside di diffren diffren web server operating systems.
  • Talk di names plus yarn ontop di diffren diffren control panels for web hosting plus di web host manager.
  • Do korokoro work of web admin inside control panels.
  • Talk di name of di 3 di main di main way to create website abi web appllications nowaday.
  • Chook mouth inside di big profesional talk talk ontop web development.
  • Talk di kind plenty work person fit do inside web design plus development.

Course Curriculum