First Computer Course for Absolute Beginners

First Computer Course for Absolute Beginners na for people wey jus dey start to learn computer. Dis na if you, abi person wey you wan bring or person wey you wan train na JJC for how to di use computers, dis na di course for you or for dem. E fit bi say, di peson you wan bring abi di peson you wan train fit di do one or two small small things inside computer, but you or dem no fit hit hand for chest say you/dem fit do di things like pros di do am and you want to di use computers like pros. Dat one min say dis na di course for you.

E fit bi say you don do one computer training before but sake of say bin no di practise am, you don forget some things. Dis First Computer Course for Absolute Beginners go sure help you make everything come back your brain fresh like today bread.

E no mata weda you bin do computer for skool, if you want to sabi computa handwork, dis First Computer Course for Absolute Beginners go help you.

So as e bi, make you know say I no teach dis course as dem di normally teach for Naija school wey bi say dem go jus di talk theory. Instead, for here, I put my mind for wetin you go sabi really really sabi do with your hands afta di class. Any how sha, you go still sabi all di theories wey you suppose sabi as peson wey just di start computer.

Di Koko of Di Course

Wen time reach wey dis course reach end, di people wey go do go don sabi all dis things wey I mention:

  • Call di names of di many kinds of computers
  • Call di names plus to fit sabi di parts of computa - especially the ones wey you fit need fix or change for your computer. This one go make sure say nobody fit use ojoro wine your head to steal money from you for future in case you wan repair or upgrade your computer.
  • Join two computers make you choose di correct one to buy wey go dey alright for any kind thing wen you wan use am to do.
  • Talk di different kain software dem and put new software for your computer. Dis way, you no go need carry your computer go meet people make dem put dis and dat for you, wey go cost you plenty money for nothing.
  • On and off computer the correct way.
  • Arrange your computer di way you like am.
  • Sabbi how to use computer without shaking like how to use common apps, create, manage and share files, find back lost files, and so on.
  • Sabbi how to use internet with fast fast with no shaking like how to connect to internet; how to browse; how to send, receive & handle emails; how to use computer clouds, how to di use social media di correct way, and so on.
  • Talk di common computer wahala dem and wetin dey cause dem.
  • Put Computer and Internet Security fence for ground, like how to know and stop hackers, how to know and waka pass fake websites, spam emails, and internet people wey wan scam you.
  • Jara: Pick wetin you wan learn to continue with computer after di course..

Course Curriculum