Complete HTML Course for Nigerians - Beginner to Expert

Welcom inside dis class ontop Complete HTML Course for Naija Pipo with PiusJoe

Oya, you wan start joni enta di world of web programming alias coding abi? E fit bi say U na no-code web designer, but U wan dey fit Ur own codes make u for fit control am beta di way you want. Weda U wan learn frontend abi backend, dis na di right place to start.

HTML, alias HyperText Markup Language, na im bi di blocks wey dem arrange to make di web. Dis one make am com bi like somtin wey u must learn before u fit turn web developer or web programmer.

Wetin I get for mind to do for u inside dis course na to help u turn oga ontop di latest version of HTML. Dat na, HTML5. Dis course go carry u from JJC reach di oga level. U no need to sabi anytin inside HTML before u join dis course. Wen u finish di course, u go don ready to become either frontend or backend or full stack developer.

I sabi say to start from scratch fit dey fear person, na im make I start wit di small small tins plus I explanate all di new new things very well. But no bi only dat one o, I make am easy and sweet for u to learn wit examples wey u go fit grab quick quick.

Wetin make dis course really special na say e dey available for Nigerian Pidgin. Dat one mean say Language no go bi wahala for ur lening joni. Weda u na original JJC abi u jus dey wan brush wetin you sabi inside HTML to reach oga level, dis course dey designed to help u get wetin u want.

Dis no be crash course oo. Na full course. But for dis course, I focus for di practical. You fit learn everything you need to know before you code for di Web Fundamentals Course.

Look di main di main of wetin you go learn inside dis course foe down den make u folo me as we waka enter di world of web development plus make we make your coding dream come to pass for di Naija way!

Wetin You Go Learn

Wen time reach wey dis course reach end, di people wey go do go don sabi all dis things wey I mention:

  • Write correct HTML code for many complete websites.
  • Correct mistake inside any HTML code
  • Learn other web programming languages with ease.

Course Curriculum

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Text Elements & Markup
HTML Links
HTML & Images
Tables in HTML
HTML/Web Forms
HTML Multimedia
HTML5 Canvas