"Give me six hours make I cut down one tree, I go spend the first four hours dey sharpen the axe."

~Abraham Lincoln

No big waka person go begin better journey webi say him no go first sabi the wahala wey fit show face for road. Naso, pipo wey dey find treasure go always first arrange how dem go fit waka pass any wahala wey show face.

Wetin fit pass to become sabi person ontop Computer for dis time wey AI and big data don enter everytin?

Maybe na your tori be dis, then no bi only u. According to tori, out of every 100 people wey start to turn sabi person ontop computer wey we dey call tech (especially like to turn programmer), na only 15 fit waka reach the end.

How many courses you don enroll for? How many videos and books you get for your phone and computer now on top every tech wey you like – data analysis, programming, data science, cyber security, UI/UX Design, Project Management, AI, Machine Learning, and the rest?

If dem carry us go court because we start tech training but no finish am, you go guilty or you go free? From the research wey I talk before, plenty people don start to learn different tech things but dem no fit finish am.

As instructor, I don meet plenti pipo wey tell me say dem wan learn one particular tech skill. Some of dem sef no get computer dat time. Some na NYSC . I don see these pipo wake go buy computer just make dem learn the tech skill wey dem want. The NYSC members wey dey talk say dem go learn this and that after service, don complete their service. But... after dem don buy computer and finish their NYSC, the tori con change.

One of my friend, wey I still dey yab till today, bin tell me one time say as a student, im priority na to graduate first before im go get time to learn the tech skill wey im always want – wey bi Web Development. Today, im don change im mind.

I fit boldly talk say na because of wetin I dey call the first big wahala for person wey wan become tech expert na him cause all these failures. E fit no be the only reason, but I sabi say na one of di biggest problems for tech bignners.

Wetin be the first big wahala wey dey stop person from becoming tech expert?

The answer dey simple, na choice plus focusThese two wey dey like Siamese twins, na both di obstacle and the way, to borrow wetin Ryan Holiday talk. Wetin I mean by this? Follow me make I yarn you..

Choice and Focus, the Obstacle

To pick wetin person wan learn no bi easy decision for plenti people. E even dey more hard to pick computer skill wey you go specialize in. Dis na sake of say tech, as we sabi am now, na new field wen you compare am to other fields like medicine and engineering. Sake of dis, new areas dey comot like everyday, and all di areas get plenti plenti opportunities.

Di major tin wey dey make am hard to pick wetin to specialize in inside computer, like for normal school, na say plenty people wey wan learn computer dey choose areas because of wetin dem hear people talk and wetin dey trend.

I fit tell you without any doubt say e get people wey wan learn data science, cybersecurity and di rest wey no sabi exactly wetin dose areas bi or wetin dem dey do. Pipo like dat hear say di areas na wetin dey trend now and wetin go trend for future. So, dem just wan jump enter am.

Believe me wen I tell you say person wey bi say na only to dey play music and watch film with computer im him sabi com tell me say him wan learn JavaScript. I mean, him no sabi anytin ontop am at all. Him no even fit use computer well. Person wey bi say him no fit fill form online ma sef.

Dis kind pipo sabi wetin e mean to learn those things? Dem sabi how hard or simple e dey? Na which kind work dem go do? Dem ready to give wetin e go need to learn those things – no bi only money I mean? Dem no dey take time to answer dis important questions. Dem leave di questions for village people.

Dem go jump inside like person wey wan swim for river wey deep, come see say the water deep pass, come turn back with discouragement. After that, dem go just dey find excuse for why dem no fit continue with the training.

Those wey strong enough to reach half, go just sabi how to copy wetin person don do already den dem go start dey talk say na dem do am. I dey see dis thing well well inside web development. Plenti pipo dey claim say dem sabi JS but dem no fit write even small routine on dia own. E get pipo wey dey claim say dem sabi CSS but na only to just copy bootstrap codes and change am small without make dem really sabi the logic wey dey behind am.

Make u no claim to be wetin you no bi. Continue di read dis guide, make we jump pass dat first big obstacle wey go stop you from to become tech expert

Before that we learn di solution...

Another part of the first big problem for person wey wan become tech expert na say dem dey interested in too many areas wey dey catchy. Na only one person, wey be beginner, dey want learn Data Science, Web Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Project Management, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and all the new areas wey dey catchy.

Basically, na because dem no sabi wetin each of these fields involve. I mean, how one person fit master all these areas at the same time? Even one of them fit be like field on im own with aspects inside! Maybe two or three, but I never see any real professional wey be expert for all these areas at the same time.

Na here focus dey important because to dey chase plenty catchy areas at the same time fit dey distract person well-well. Even if person wan master just one of these areas, plenty things dey to learn. Take for example, to be well-grounded as web developer, you go need learn HTML, CSS, JS, one backend programming language, and one database management language. Plus, you fit need learn version control and other deployment tools on top.

One by each of dis get plenty other options. As you dey try master one thing, people go dey ask if you sabi/do the variations. Dem go yarn you plenty sweet things about the variation and why you suppose learn am. Social media adverts too no dey help matter. Every day, you go see adverts wey dey tempt you to become expert for different things

Normally, beginners no fit ignore the distractions. Dem dey jump from one thing to another at the same time but dem no fit master any.

Na why we get plenty pipo wey dey claim say dem sabi plenty things but for reality, dem no sabi any of am well-well.

How to Overcome di Obstacle of Choice in Becoming a Tech Expert

To pass over the first major wahala to become tech expert, e dey start with understanding. Instead of wetin dey look like trend, e dey important to understand say no bi only one or only few areas for computer opportunities plenti. Plenty opportunities dey inside most of the tech areas wey person fit specialize in.

Make person sabi say tech dey change quick-quick and the trends wey dey tech no dey last long. Every one to few years, new trends fit show face with new areas wey person fit focus on. Just some few decades wey don pass, the trend na just to sabi use computer well and office packages. People dey go training institutes to learn how to use internet. But today, nobody dey really talk about those things again.

To overcome the first problem wey dey come with becoming tech expert, e need make person understand say for tech skills, no bi how many you sabi but na how well you sabi na im matter pass.

Lastly, to overcome the first major problem wey dey come with becoming tech expert, you need to understand say when e reach tech skill trends, na to master the basics na im really matter. Na him go make you fit follow new trends as dem dey show face.

But how you go fit master the basics when you dey face all the distractions wey I talk about before?

I give four steps under here wey I explain well for the sections wey follow. The four steps to pass over the first major problem wey dey come with becoming tech expert na:

  1. Put break ontop to become expert in plenty areas at the same time.
  2. Do research, ask people, and choose the first skill wey you wan master.
  3. Calculate den pick di first skill you go learn.
  4. Look for place plus how you go learn den concentrate 100% for dat first skill until you master am

Put break ontop to become expert in plenty areas at the same time.

Yes, na here we go start. I know say you don hear plenty sweet sweet things about programming, data science, Cloud Computing, etc. I sabi say you dey dream to become professional for all these areas. But if truly you wan become expert, match brake ontop dat idea first. You know say plenty options dey inside programming and data science? I dey sure say you no sabi all the options well. So, make you start by hitting hand for chest say you go match brake ontop the idea say you go turn professional for all the areas. Tell yourself say, you go begin with just one and one alone.

Research, Consult and Choose the first skill to master.

You don decide to begin your tech journey with just one skill. Congrats! Next, you gats choose which tech skill you wan start with. To do this, forget all the sweet things wey you hear about different tech skills. Just forget am! Most of those things na gist wey no come from correct people. You gats hear from correct people wey be authority for the matter and the people wey dey do am for real. First, make list of the skills wey you dey interested in. Then, one by one, search online and write down these things about each one:

  1. Wetin this skill truly involve and the different areas wey dey inside am? Wetin the professionals wey dey that field dey do – list the work wey dem dey do and their responsibilities? How I fit become professional for this area, wetin be the steps wey I go follow and the order wey I go follow them? Wetin I need get before I fit learn this skill easily? Dey there any special education wey go help me learn this skill quick or easy like mathematical skills, accounting skills, communication skills, writing skills, and so on?
  2. How hard or easy e be to learn am?

After that, find real professional for each area wey you dey interested in. Then ask dem these questions:

  1. How profitable di area be? E pay well?
  2. Na how easy e be to find work or contract for the area wey you wan specialize in?
  3. Wetin be the lifestyle demand for the work, e dey stressful, e need travel or e just dey make person siddon for one place all day, and so on?
  4. Wetin be the advice wey the professional get for you?

I dey strongly advise you say make you ask real professional wey dey practice for the same field wey you dey find out about and research. No be just any tech professional, but person wey dey work for the exact field wey you dey interested in. Online search fit no go give you correct answers to these questions. Na so, professionals for other tech areas fit just give you their own ideas and opinions. To choose well, you need correct answers from authority.

Calculate den pick di first skill you go learn.

You don gather enough information wey go fit help you make informed decision. This na where you go make the actual decision. Some people go gather all these findings but dem go forget am and just choose based on feeling or just one small information. No do am like that. If money na your only reason why you wan pick tech area wey you wan specialize in, know say you fit make money from plenty different options. Na true, you fit just dey randomly chase tech skill make you learn am. But e go take time and plenty effort before you fit reach that expert level wey go bring better rewards. If you follow road wey no get plan, especially if you no get IT background, you go need do plenty pretending as you dey try become expert.

Help yourself, and make am easier and smoother for yourself to turn a tech expert by following "who know road" to choose the first skill to learn. How you go fit follow "who know road" to choose?

For every tech skill wey you don research, score each of the questions wey I list before any mark based on how important e be to you. Use the same way to score all the questions. After you don score all the questions, add dem up to get the average. The skill wey get the highest average na the one wey you fit start to learn first.

I don prepare one simple format wey go fit help you make this decision. Click for the button below to download this template for free.

Look for place plus how you go learn den concentrate 100% for dat first skill until you master it.

Once you don make up your mind on top the first tech skill wey you wan master, make am your mission. See am as treasure hunt because if you dey chase am reach the end, you go find your treasure. This na mission wey go need your full attention. Decide say you no go allow anything distract you. Close eye to other adverts wey dey call you learn other things and no even dey hear juicy things wey you dey hear about another tech skill – at least you don get firsthand information from real professionals. Show commitment, master the first skill reach expert level and then move to the next one as you don find out during your research. Any tech skill wey you wan learn, make your goal be to be the best for that skill.

But it begins with choosing the right place to learn.

I always say nothing is too difficult to learn. This is corroborated by educational psychology. If you have the right motivation, and meet the right teacher who adopts the right teaching method, you can learn anything.

As you start your journey to becoming a tech expert, avoid the temptation of learning from different sources at the same time. This is because each instructor structures their course with different goals and in a way, they feel will quickly and easily help you achieve that goal.

For this time wey YouTube dey reign, I don see courses wey dem design just to make you start coding immediately. Some of these courses no dey bother to explain some things wey you suppose sabi before you start coding. I don see courses wey dem design just to teach you how to do like say you wan create website. These kind of courses no dey bother to give details about the basic concepts. All these types of courses fit help well-well if you don already master the technologies and you dey find ideas on how to solve problem.

But if your goal na to become expert, I dey strongly advise you to enroll for complete courses wey go carry you from step one reach one hundred; no be the ones wey go just teach you how to do this and that. If you sabi the technologies well-well, e go easy for you to do this and that or the videos wey dey teach 'this and that' go make more sense to you.

Above all, no dey gather plenty videos or dey follow adverts wey dey offer 1000 videos for all the areas for just N1,000. You no dey reason or ask yourself about the quality of those videos wey other people dey pay hundreds of thousands to get? Some awoof suppose fear you oh!

Which place you fit get these types of complete courses?

Today, internet don make quality courses like dis dey more easy to reach. There dey known platforms wey people trust for quality courses like dis. Some of these platforms na Coursera, Allison, Skillshare and freeCodeCampDey still get others sef. While many of them dey free, plenty others go need small money to complete. The money wey dem dey ask fit be small if you dey use their currencies but for naira e fit dey too much. E fit make am cost well-well for Nigerians.

Secondly, beginning tech enthusiasts in Nigeria may find some of the courses a little more challenging to understand due to elements of language. Instructors of these courses, who are mostly American, European or Indian, make use of analogies their primary target can relate with but which mostly alienate learners in other countries such as Nigeria.

Analogies na signs wey dey help student learn fast. For education, dem dey support understanding. So, if you no fit relate to the analogies, e fit be say you no go fit fully understand the concepts.

Na why I make effort to arrange the best ICT/tech courses for Nigerians. I use examples wey you fit understand well to help you grasp the concepts easily. Plus, you fit take the whole course for Pidgin wey go make you relate even better. Most importantly, the courses dey affordable!

After I launch the courses on the 15th of December, 2023, you fit enter class and take lessons for the courses. weekly or monthly for the price of N1,500 every week or N5,000 every month. If no bi weekly or monthly, you fit also subscribe for Lifetime fit get access for only N100,000. The lifetime membership plan go give you access to all the next five courses and any other courses wey go come, na free forever.

Take dis bonanza

While I prepare for the launch of the first five courses on December 15, if you pre-order the lifetime plan before December 5, 2023, you will get 80% off. This means you will pay N20,000 instead of N100,000. After that date, the price will go up to N50,000 for just 10 days between (December 5 and 15) and then it goes back to the normal rate of N100,000.

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Back to the matter, concerning how to pass over the first major wahala to become tech expert, if you get any question about web development, feel free to ask for our class discussion page.

Las las, I go like hear from you. Make you tell me wetin you think about this post for the comment section below.

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