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Membership of PiusJoe’s website is all about helping you to acquire the level of computer skills you require with ease and on budget.

I agree, computer is all around us nowadays. Gone were the days when owing a computer is luxury and being able to operate it is excellence. Now you can’t walk a street without seeing one, and computer literacy has outgrown basic operation to being able to use AI.

Similarly, there is increasing demands for graduates to have more than the just basic skills in computer. Employers require a prospective employee to have specialized computing skill that enhances their productivity. Graduates in Computer Science and related fields are especially expected to have professional skills.

Sadly, these are not skills we can rely on learning from the majority of Nigerian schools. Worse, there is no platform that uniquely addresses the needs of the Nigerian community for computer education.

Apart from being an experienced professional, I am a seasoned educator. And as a disruptor, I am glad to offer you the very first platform where you acquire practical computer skills both in English and Nigerian Pidgin, from basic to professional levels.

I believe that learning should be accessible and tailored to your needs. That’s why I offer a range of membership plans to empower your educational journey.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or looking to become a professional, there is a plan for everyone.

I publish new lessons every week. Choose a plan that suits you best, let’s get learning together.

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