Complete WordPress Course for Nigerians

Welcome to class on Complete WordPress Course for Nigerians with PiusJoe!

This course is all about teaching you how to create real websites that people can browse on the internet, just like this my own you are currently on. Not just one but any kind of website. The course teaches you how to create personal or resume website, small business website, corporate business website, school website, professional blog, eCommerce website, picture, music or video website, and forum or community website.

Nowadays, there are two major ways of creating any kind of website. The first and original way is through manual coding. The second and new way is through without coding. The second name for creating websites without coding is no-code web design. While the manual coding has a lot of advantages, without coding has the advantages of speed and ease. As such, even people that knows manual coding often use the no-code method to fast-track their work. This is why creating websites without coding is becoming more popular by the day.

There are many tools for creating websites without coding. Of all these, WordPress is the most popular no-code web design tool in the world. According to research, nearly half of all websites in the world were created with WordPress. It is a great choice for you to create your website or blog too!

Do you want to start creating websites for others and get paid immediately? You should learn WordPress too. If you are a web developer looking for an alternative to quickly deliver some projects without the stress of heavy coding, I strongly recommend WordPress.

This Complete WordPress Course for Nigerians will teach you everything you need to know to create and manage any kind of dynamic website or blog with WordPress. You will learn everything from setting up your first site to adding content and customizing your design. You’ll also learn how to use WordPress plugins and themes to extend the functionality of your site.

Course Curriculum

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